Engagement Advice

This is it, you’ve decided. You want to take the plunge. You want her to be the ying to your yang, your significant other, your misses. Your wife.

But how on earth do you pop the question? Do you really have to hire a whole flash mob to tell her you want her to marry you? This guy did and she does look shocked, but is that a good thing? It is certainly something to tell the Grandkids when you’re older.

Or do you do something super clever like this guy?! We think this is pretty amazing…

There are so many ways to propose, all of which can be completely petrifying. But don’t loose sight of what is most important, you can hire all the people in the world, make the proposal as clever as you want but don’t forget the importance of the day. Focus on what she would want, if she’s shy don’t propose in front of people – even if they are her family and friends. If she’s loves the beach, a certain walk or boat trips these are the most romantic proposals. Stay away from the cheesy proposals – no rings in cakes and champagne glasses, so 1990′s.

Make the proposal an event, take her away for the weekend somewhere she has always wanted to go. Do your research!! Make sure you know exactly where you are going to propose, don’t be panicking trying to find the perfect spot all the while trying to remain ‘normal’. Spoil her with champagne, presents and a lovely lunch, then head to that pre arranged spot and pop the question. A truly romantic way to propose, make sure your hotel is in on your secret and has the champagne on ice. Keep your phone charged – she will be wanting to call her mum straight away to tell her the good news!

So these are our handy tips and hints on proposing to the love of your life, make sure to tell us if we’ve missed anything!

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree…!

So FINALLY we’ve managed to get our Christmas tree up and Lucy’s been kind enough to make it look happy and colourful. Have you got your tree up yet? Have you gone for a traditional or contemporary colour theme? Lucy (who’s now our nominated Festive Decoration Expert) says there’s nothing that quite compares to the combination of red and gold.

our office christmas tree

It’s only been around for a few hours, but we’re all strangely growing rather fond of it. We’ve even decided it should actually become a valued member of the team and have named her “Twinkle” (yes, we’ve also decided it is a “she”). Is it normal to name your Christmas tree? Hmm. Who cares – it is now!

The Beauty of Affirmations

One of the new collections we have in this Christmas is the affirmations range. This is a collection of all sort of (mainly small) gift ideas that all carry some sort of affirmation, or positive and uplifting message for the recipient.You're My Cup of Tea Mug

Depending on the message you’d like to convey or sentiment you’d like them to remember, there are plenty of lovely messages you can give someone. Our favourite is the You’re my cup of tea mug – again a useful gift that’ll also make them smile every morning as they pour themselves a cuppa.

There are also a number of glass keepsakes to choose from, designed and produced by the wonderful Spaceform.

Love Always Mini PaperweightThese high quality keepsakes are small enough for her to keep in her purse or in a pocket so she can always have your affirmation by her side.

Finally, and we really loved these, there are some coasters with some great and rather funny messages on them.They’re great for having around the house, and are certain to be good conversation-starters around the dinner table.

There are a number of different coasters to choose from – perhaps a suitable one for Christmas, when most of us are around our slightly eccentric, probably bickering, but filled-with-love families is the following, “Nice Normal Family Coaster”… :-)
Nice Normal Family Coaster